Talking About Agricultural Practices


Finding A Used Tractor For Farm Usage When Money Is Tight

If you have just acquired land and you plan on starting your own farm on it, finding the proper equipment to harvest crops effectively will be necessary. One piece of machinery many farming people cannot do without is a tractor. These high-priced vehicles may not be obtainable new when you are first starting out your farming endeavor, making it necessary […]

Can You Wear Muck Boots Hunting?

Wondering if you can wear your work boots for play? If you work boots are Mucks and your idea of play is hunting, the answer is yes. In addition to being great for doing chores, Muck boots also work for hunting. Here is why: Neoprene is comfortable. Muck boots feature neoprene on the upper calf […]

3 Reasons To Store Grain In Grain Bags

A lot of farmers store their grain in metal grain bins, but there is a better option — storing it in large grain bags. Whether you have a grain bin or are thinking about making the investment, you may want to consider storing your grain in bags instead. These are a few reasons why. 1. […]

Sell Your Land Quickly Using These Tips And Tricks

Selling raw land is typically less intensive than selling a piece of property with a home on it, because there aren’t any structures, septic systems, or landscape upgrades to worry about. And because undeveloped land is less expensive than developed properties, it’s usually a little easier to sell. But more than likely your piece of […]