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Can You Wear Muck Boots Hunting?

Wondering if you can wear your work boots for play? If you work boots are Mucks and your idea of play is hunting, the answer is yes. In addition to being great for doing chores, Muck boots also work for hunting. Here is why:

Neoprene is comfortable.

Muck boots feature neoprene on the upper calf and topline areas as well as around the top of the foot. This flexible material moves comfortably, making them ideal for long treks into the woods to find deer, elk, wild boar or whatever is in season in your area.

Muck's waterproof material is ideal for wet conditions.

In addition to comfort, Muck boots are waterproof. That means that you don't have to worry about your feet getting wet as you walk into a duck pond or stride through springtime puddles looking for wild turkeys. It also helps keep snow out of your boots during winter hunts.

Muck offers boots with different coldness ratings.

If you want to wear Muck boots while hunting in cold temperatures, you should pay attention to the coldness ratings on your boots when you buy them. The company makes boots designed to keep you comfortable in a range of temperatures, including cold winter temps.

If you already have Muck boots, you can turn them into winter boots by layering them with socks. If possible, wear socks made of wool or other materials that dry quickly. Rubber boots are not porous, and as a result, if your feet get too hot, they will start to sweat. If the sweat dries on your feet as they cool down, that can make them cold.

Wool helps to combat this effect by keeping the moisture away from your feet. Alternatively, bring two pairs of socks -- one to wear while you are walking and one to wear while you are sitting in your blind or stand.

Muck boots are repairable.

If your boots get nicked on a barbed wire fence or get injured in any other way while you are hunting, you can repair them. Most Muck boots can be repaired with a patching compound. If you have a small hole, you just need to squirt it on and let it dry.

Muck makes camo boots.

Finally, if you are worried about being spotted by the animals, don't worry. Muck makes camo boots, ensuring your boots won't blow your cover. The company makes boots in a range of colors from basic black to bright pink, and if you want, you can even combine camo and pink. Go to website for more info.