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Tips To Assist With Attaining Healthy Crops In A Garden

If you are going to be planting a garden in your backyard, but haven't had much experience with plants, the following tips will assist with planting seeds and caring for them. As a result, your garden will be likely to yield an abundance of healthy crops that you can enjoy at your leisure.

Place Seed Trays In A Mini Greenhouse

Purchase a mini greenhouse and set it up on a sturdy surface. Many greenhouses include lighting that will simulate the sun's rays and a covering that will help keep heat inside of the enclosure and prevent insects or animals from destroying plants. Plant seeds in trays that are designed for seedlings. Add the appropriate amount of water for each seed type by following the instructions on the back of  each seed packet. After several weeks, the seedlings will be strong enough to be transplanted into a garden.

Add Compost To The Soil

Purchase or create compost to add to the soil in your backyard. Compost is rich in nutrients and will assist with healthy plant growth. If you are going to make your own compost, purchase a sturdy bin that has a lid. Add organic materials to the bin, such as fruit rinds, vegetable peels, and coffee grounds. Add dry materials, such as wood chips or sawdust on top of the organic ones.

Mix the components several times a week and add more materials to the container as they are collected. After several weeks to a few months, the materials that were added to the bin will decompose. Once the compost resembles dirt and is a uniform color and consistency, it can be added to the portion of the ground that you will be using as a garden.

Use A Hydroseeder To Add Fertilizer

Rent or purchase a hydroseeder to add fertilizer to the garden. Once the garden has been dug out and compost has been added to the soil, use a garden hoe to create rows throughout it. Plant the seedlings that are growing in the greenhouse throughout each row. Read the manual that came with the hydroseeder to determine how much water and fertilizer to add to the machine's tank.

Once the two components are blended, spray the mixture across each row of plants. The fertilizer will help the plants grow quickly and remain healthy. A hydroseeder can also be used to plant new seeds or to add mulch or compost to the ground.

All of these tips will help you achieve healthy crops in your garden. If you are successful and pleased with the results you receive, consider using the same tips each year when you are ready to plant new crops. Visit an agricultural equipment store, like Simply Solar Green Houses, for more information.