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Dealing With Common Combine Problems: Tips For You

When you own and operate your own farm, your combine is one of the most important pieces of farm equipment that you will have. However, as important as your combine is, it is not infallible and it can have problems that could cause it to break down on you entirely. It is important, therefore, that you know how to deal with some of the most common combine problems so that you can properly handle them before they become major issues that disrupt your harvest and the entire profitability of your farming enterprise.

Worn Down Bearings

The bearings on your combine undergo a great deal of abuse and pressure when a combine is used. Because of this, it is not too surprising that many of the issues farmers experience with their combines stem from the bearings.

The first step in dealing with these issues and preventing a small one from becoming a major one is to check the combine bearings frequently. In fact, every day, before you use the combine, taking a quick look at the bearings will help to ensure that your combine continues to work properly.

The bearings are designed to prevent moving metal components on the combine from grinding together, causing friction that in turn, wears down those components. The bearings, therefore, protect the rest of the moving parts in the combine.

Frequently checking the bearings will help to prevent much more serious problems. These frequent checks will also mean that you are going to be replacing your bearings more often as well. You can buy combine parts online quickly and easily, though, so you can have spare bearings on hand for quick and easy replacement. 

Don't Forget the Chains and Belts

Other smaller components that can make a big difference in your combine operations and function include the chains and belts. These moving components are small in size but have a major function in the combine, particularly in sorting and processing grains through the machine.

Because of this, you need to make sure that every chain and every belt is in top condition when you are using your combine. Again, you want to check these components of your combine before the harvest season begins as well as on a daily basis while you are using it to ensure full function at all times.

Check the Oil and Make Sure Moving Parts Are Greased Up

Finally, it is important that you make sure that your combine has enough oil to prevent damage to the engine. Check and change the oil before you first use the combine as well as throughout the season. You will also want to grease the chains, belts, and any other metal moving components to prevent grinding and damage.

The more meticulous you are about checking these potential issues and then dealing with them when they are still small, the less likely you will be to have major problems with your combine and the more likely you will be to have a good harvest season. For more information, contact companies like TractorTool.