Three Tips For Buying Used Farm Equipment

If you need a big piece of farm equipment, you can often save thousands of dollars by buying used. There are perfectly serviceable combines, harvesters, and tractors out there that are no longer used and being sold by their original owners. However, since used farm equipment does not come with a warranty, you need to be careful what you buy. Here are three tips to ensure you get functional equipment at a fair price.

Starting Your Own Farm: Tips To Make Your Life Easier

You have finally taken the steps in your life to get your own farm land and make a major change in your life and lifestyle. However, even when you make this life-altering choice, you may not know what to do first or how to handle all of the new responsibilities that you face. There are many steps that you can take to make your life on your new farm easier, starting with your equipment and supplies.

Dealing With Common Combine Problems: Tips For You

When you own and operate your own farm, your combine is one of the most important pieces of farm equipment that you will have. However, as important as your combine is, it is not infallible and it can have problems that could cause it to break down on you entirely. It is important, therefore, that you know how to deal with some of the most common combine problems so that you can properly handle them before they become major issues that disrupt your harvest and the entire profitability of your farming enterprise.

Finding A Used Tractor For Farm Usage When Money Is Tight

If you have just acquired land and you plan on starting your own farm on it, finding the proper equipment to harvest crops effectively will be necessary. One piece of machinery many farming people cannot do without is a tractor. These high-priced vehicles may not be obtainable new when you are first starting out your farming endeavor, making it necessary to look into purchasing an older one as a result. Here are some tips you can use to find a good-working used tractor to use on your land until you are able to afford a new one.

Tips To Assist With Attaining Healthy Crops In A Garden

If you are going to be planting a garden in your backyard, but haven't had much experience with plants, the following tips will assist with planting seeds and caring for them. As a result, your garden will be likely to yield an abundance of healthy crops that you can enjoy at your leisure. Place Seed Trays In A Mini Greenhouse Purchase a mini greenhouse and set it up on a sturdy surface.

Bubbling Over -- 4 Tips For Buying Your First Outdoor Fountain

If you're a newbie gardener and looking for the perfect focal point for your garden or yard, outdoor fountains can be just what the doctor ordered. Fountains add vibrancy to a space, soothe guests and create a conversation piece. But since this is your first time, it's important to know how to select the right one. Here are 4 tips for the beginning gardener. Feel the Power. When you look at existing fountains in other yards or parks, you may not realize that they usually require a power source to keep the water flowing.

Can You Wear Muck Boots Hunting?

Wondering if you can wear your work boots for play? If you work boots are Mucks and your idea of play is hunting, the answer is yes. In addition to being great for doing chores, Muck boots also work for hunting. Here is why: Neoprene is comfortable. Muck boots feature neoprene on the upper calf and topline areas as well as around the top of the foot. This flexible material moves comfortably, making them ideal for long treks into the woods to find deer, elk, wild boar or whatever is in season in your area.

3 Reasons To Store Grain In Grain Bags

A lot of farmers store their grain in metal grain bins, but there is a better option -- storing it in large grain bags. Whether you have a grain bin or are thinking about making the investment, you may want to consider storing your grain in bags instead. These are a few reasons why. 1. Save Money First of all, investing in grain bins -- and keeping them in good repair, since leaks can be common over time -- can be costly.

Sell Your Land Quickly Using These Tips And Tricks

Selling raw land is typically less intensive than selling a piece of property with a home on it, because there aren't any structures, septic systems, or landscape upgrades to worry about. And because undeveloped land is less expensive than developed properties, it's usually a little easier to sell. But more than likely your piece of land won't be the only one up for grabs at the same time, so you can expect some competition when it comes time to sell.

Too Many Trees On Your Farm? How You Can Take Them Out

Farmers, as a whole, perform many job duties and repairs on their own. However, there are a few things they may leave to the professionals, like tree removal service. Unfortunately, this is often a very costly process, one which many farmers cannot afford. In the event that you are one of these farmers who does not have enough money in the budget to remove extra trees from your farm but absolutely needs to take them out, you can do this process by yourself.